Thursday, February 10, 2011

Art Of Trading VIDEO Watchlist

First time ever! A video watchlist! Hope you enjoy this one and find it helpful!

Happy trading!

"More than just trades

I've been thinking about how to put down what I have learned from your service. I wanted to list the trades I made and the money you helped me make but that's been done. I didn't start trading to get rich (though it is a goal) but rather to learn and try to build a skill that is enduring. That is where I have been so pleasantly surprised by your service. The alerts, the watchlists, the videos (my personal fave), and the encouragement and reminders are the most valuable and worth the subscription alone. Now, I've made enough with you to pay for a few years worth of subs but I will honestly say I would have stuck with you had that not been the case just for the money you saved me with the reminders to be patient (I make trades outside your service as well). I've read many books and even bought some videos but you have helped me put into practice the skills/discipline that were just words on a page. The explanantions of the charts and setups, the trailing stops (REE!!!), the discipline to get out and not second guess, and even the recent notice of not chasing a trade cannot be overlooked. The trades and action are exciting but the nuts and bolts are what we sometimes forget about from reading. I am building a routine and learning to stay unemotional and objective and you have helped in a major way. Thank you."



Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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