Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Awesome Week At The ART OF TRADING!!

"Hi Mate
You've been kicking arse recently.

My Account is now in profit for the first time in years. £2000 in 1 month = 12% of bank. Very nice mate. 144% annual return!!!
Hopefully the markets will continue in the same way- you are smashing them up at the moment.
All the Best"

"You have been on a complete tear on your calls over the past few weeks! What's amazing is that most of your calls continue to move and you've really picked some quality set ups. Congrats!!"

Andy K

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your communication and calls so far!...
Keep up the great work! I am looking forward to a great future with The Art of Trading!


Bought DNN at 3.45 sold half at 3.84 and second half at 3.98. (13% gain)



Got them! Booked $400 from your ENTG and SGY alerts today. Thanks!


Hi Stewie,
I love your site and chat room. I am a rookie trader. I made over $1K today mainly on DNN and ENTG.
Thanks again,

"Hello Stewie,
I'm on free trial membership since yesterday, regret I didn't enter DNN and CXZ, huge winners!!
Today I entered SGY, HTZ, RRR, WRES and ENTG. All gainers, but sold all of them. I only regret selling ENTG way too soon! (8,20, but still a win).
I'm already up 3 monthly subscriptions for your service, so keep em coming Stewie! ;-)

"Hey Stewie,

I've been playing the market since the summer now, but with a very
small amount of capital, trying to get a feel for things and learn the
ways. About a couple weeks ago I decided to put some real money to
work and see how this goes, I've followed free blogs for several
traders but the set ups you have posted have always stood out to me.
I decided with real money at play it would be fairly equitable to help
take things to another level through a subscription service. After
seeing the amazing profits you've put up during the January chopfest I
finally decided to go with this service (the 14 day free trial was
definitely another big factor, because really there's nothing to lose)
I also figured for $50/month it doesn't take a lot to make this

I saw your alert to sell about 5 mins late, but it worked out to my
benefit with SGY ripping to 24.28 ... I decided to cash out there ...
with profits of over $150 (I guess thats 3 more months of 'free'

Looking back, maybe I could have played around with a trailing stop to
help milk a bit more out of it, but I'll start fine tuning strategies
as I get a better feel.

During this time I saw a better entry point into ENTG @ 8.11 and
picked up 500 riding it all the way to 8.40 (again maybe i could have
held, but like i said i decided to go by your alerts until i have a
better feel for these setups).

All in all, $300+ profit on my first day...I can guarantee you I'll be
renewing for AT LEAST the next 6 months ;) Also really like your
attentiveness in the chat room as well you've assembled quite the crew
of knowledgeable people.

I look forward to continuing to learn the art of trading as well as
banking profit along the way

Thanks Stewie!!"

- Rahil

Does this sort of service appeal to you?!


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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