Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New ART OF TRADING Video: When/How To Place BUY STOP Orders?

Nate A NEW ART OF TRADING Member Wrote me this email today:

"Horrible, horrible day ... Humbled to respect the market gods!! I had stop orders set to execute on breakouts for FTK and BSQR. Both triggered on spike and fell like a frigging rock right after. I am not in a position to watch charts continuously, but can react rather quickly on your alerts. I will never again set stop orders on entry, but interested in your thoughts on how to play your watch list if you are not able to watch set-ups materialize during the day. Was thinking to set alerts on key price levels ... Appreciate your guidance.


My response:

All feedback welcome! Please let me know if these videos are helpful and i will do more of them.

Good trading!


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!


Ryan said...

Yes, videos are helpful.

Engineertrader said...

Great to know that the subscribers are making coin. However, their testimonials really mean squat to me. Why?. If they made $700.32 with an initial investment of $50,000 then the gain is slightly over 1%. Yawn, yea so what!. If they invested $20,000, then the gain is 3.5%. Yes, I'm then somewhat impressed, if it's a day trade. If they initially invested $5000, then the gain on a day trade is over 14%. Now that is where Stewie should be appropriately addressed, Your Highness. So I hope that you can see my skepticism over site testimonials that say...Wow I made $200, wow..I made $700. Really, it means squat. Also was that $700 made over 1 month, over 1 week, over 1 day. Gotta breakdown the real details to see if it's the real deal or only hype. Sorry, for the skepticism. This is NOT AIMED only at Stewie, but ALL such testimonial claims on all those investment/trading sites.

Stewie said...

Hey engineertrader, Thanks for your note and i completely agree with you. It's NOT the $xxx.00 that matters, it's the return on capital invested towards the trade and the size of the account compared to the risk taken to achieve a certain return. Yes, i 100% agree with you.

For me, the most important part of running a trading business is two folds:

A: That my traders are making money CONSISTENTLY. That is my main drive here. I want my traders to be able to money consistently. Look, some trades will deliver a 1:1 risk to return ratio(sometimes even less). Some trades will deliver 2:1, 3:1, 4:1. Some trades will deliver 5:1 risk to reward: Please see this video of a trade we did recently:

The key is to be profitable CONSISTENTLY. There will be small trades, there will be big trades.

B: And most importantly is that I want anyone who joins my service to feel like they are "going somewhere" with their OWN trading. Am i learning something?? What have i learned TODAY?? Do i know more today than what i did yesterday??

Trader development is the most important thing to me. Please visit the site and you will quickly notice that these ART OF TRADING traders/members DO NOT talk about how much money they made or how much return they made on their investments:

What is the main theme between these traders/members who shared their reviews/experiences in the ART OF TRADING on this site? What are they most excited about? I would like to think, that they have learned and continue to learn valuable lessons ABOUT TRADING from this service and this is in my humble opinion is what separates the creme from the crop.

They repeatedly continue to emphasize that this service is about teaching and helping the trader GROW in terms of confidence and finding the trader's identity. So make a better trader, a more complete trader, a more serious trader, a more humble trader, a more educated trader, a more responsible trader, a more disciplined trader, a trader who envisions long term success beyond monetary achievements.

Thank you so much for bringing up this very good question and i hope that i did a decent job at addressing it. And if not, please feel free to continue this discussion and i would be glad to listen and add some more thoughts.

Happy trading Enginnertrader

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