Saturday, February 12, 2011

What Are The New ART OF TRADING Members Saying After One Week?!

Awesome feedback from brand new ART OF TRADING members still on The 14 Day FREE TRIAL!

"thanks stewie,

just started trial sub this week. took the following of your trades..SURG -112 ;LEN +160; OCZ- +210 ;CELL +225 = +$483.


Larry (Larry paid for 10 months of service in his first week!)

I am very satisfied. I lost a lot of money in last two years and you gave me hope that I can get some money back.
You are really good! I also appreciate that you explain your strategy so I can also learn from you.
Thank you!"

"Hi Stewie:

Really like the service.

Following you for a bit and have a high level of confidence in your knowledge and trades.

Will look to renew!"

Marco (Full time trader)

Hi Stewie,

"Thanks for your followup. I've been trying out your service along with a few similar sites for the past couple of weeks and Art of Trading has been the most productive. I've been monitoring the chatroom and reviewing the morning setups each day. I've done about a dozen trades from your setups or picks from other chatroom members and all but two have been profitable. In fact yesterday I traded PANL for a 5.4% profit.

Sometimes the trading signals are a little unclear but it's been a good experience so far and I'm sure it will get easier and easier to follow what's going. Seems like a great group in your chatroom and I'm sure I'll have something to contribute once I get a little more familiar.

Thanks again."

- Lee


Make sure to ask about SMS texting of the alerts and Auto Trading of the alerts!

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