Friday, February 4, 2011

Trades Taken This Week At The ART OF TRADING

Here are this week's Trades: Congrats to those that participated!

ENTG +4.34%
SGY +1.68%
HTZ +1.77%
RRR +6.07%
CY -0.22%
REE +7.41%

Here's an email i received yesterday(from a member who has been here for a little while) which i found to be very touching:


Thank you for getting me better positioned to make my living trading. I have my pensions and I can live comfortably, but as long as I stick to a set of rules I’ve gleaned from you and the traders I can live well---very well. I haven’t used any margin and work with a modest $55,000.00 account. I’ve set myself a goal to try and average $500.00 per day. I am cautious; and my comfort level trading improves with each month that passes. As grandiose as I sound, I’m lucky if I know about 2% of what you, Oscar, Stan, and NYC trader know. I was a university professor, psychiatric nurse and a civil servant for the Department of Social Services … before Parkinson’s disease and two rounds of brain surgery. You have got the “art of teaching” down pat. Teach a 16 year old to drive and he dives right in fearlessly. Teach a person who is 30 and he dwells on everything that can go wrong 10 blocks down the road. At 48 the neuro-surgeons gave me back my physical life. Even though I’m pretty quiet in the chat room most of the time, I’m taking everything in. This environment that you created is also giving me back my confidence. Thanks.

Guy White a.k.a. white1h"

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