Friday, December 3, 2010

Art Of Trading Success Story!!!

Big time congrats to a loyal ART OF TRADING member who banked $2400 in 45 minutes!!


Finally I think this one qualifies for the reckoning of a success story of saw the set up with you and using Level 2 figured a large move was due on SPRD should it take out 17 and executed the plan with a 6k buy at 17 stop at 16.92 and to sell at 17.40 and sell I did.

You are not only a top rate techie but a best friend $ or no $ I say that.

Best to you."



Billman89 said...

Thanks for NVLS, WTI and F. Made mad bank on them (lots of money)

I appreciate the charts and ticker updates intraday.


Stewie said...

Awesome Bill! Thanks for stopping by the blog!!

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