Monday, December 6, 2010

Trade Taken At The Art Of Trading : MTZ

On Friday, posted this Trade Alert to ART OF TRADING members:

(Also happened to post this particular chart on twitter!!)

LONG MTZ at 14.50 stop at 14.00 swing trade

Sold it Today at 15.27 for a nice 5.30% gain!!

One trade i love to work with is to spot breakout candidates early and get into the patterns early(ahead of the breakouts) and sell into breakouts. See the attached charts for details!

Member feedback!

"You're gonna like this. Decided to take MTZ as an options trade, bought 'em on Friday for .20 cents. Sold 'em for .55 and other half for .50 (160%GAIN!)
Nice call Stewie!

"Damn nice trade Stewie!!!!!

Winner Football is great for your trading!!!

$300+ profit, very nice indeed!!"


Hi, Stewie:

I bought this one at 14.61 before the market close last Friday. This is awesome!
Locked the profit after you at 15.28. Thank you.



"Stew, thanks for the great call went along with your call bought 4k total at 14.5.
Sold 2k for 15.4 and other 2k for 15.34."


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