Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Choose THE ART OF TRADING Premium Service?

Here are excerpts from actual ART OF TRADING members' reviews as published on INVESTIMONIALS.COM !!!

These reviews were done by brand new and long time members of the ART OF TRADING!

Read them and YOU decide!

Great personalized service by traderstewie for all levels

I've been with traderstewie for close to 2 months now - have never been happier. He offers a very personalized approach to investing. Yes there are thousands of newsletters / investment services out there that sends out real-time alerts, but how many would actually really take the time & effort to reply to your queries? (however newbie they may be).

traderstewie is passionate at what he does. Every morning between 6-6.30 am PST, he emails his subscribers a pre-market take (and yes, he lives in the West Coast.. so he does get up that early!). More importantly, he is good in what he does. I started following stewie through twitter, and noticed that he publishes good setups (check out After making money on some setups, I was intrigued that he runs a subscription service - with 2 weeks free trial, so I decided to give it a go.

In the first 3.5 weeks of my subscription (and this includes 2 weeks of free trial), I made $1969.28 following his recs. But more important than gains, from following him, I'm getting a better sense of when to get in, when to get out.. when things look right, and when things start to look wrong. I would highly recommend this service to anyone willing to learn. I subscribed to many different services before, and I can honestly say this is one service that I would subscribe to for a long time.

Review by Radenmasbowo

Couldn't ask for anything else

I have been subscribing to Stewie's alerts for close to a year now. I loved the service since day one....When you hear about a service you're typically suspicious (at least I am) and you want to test drive it before signing up. That's exactly what I did. During the test drive period you get an idea how the service performs (lag time of alerts and real market price, number of alerts, type of alerts ...). I've to say my first three trades were winners and as a algo/system trader (100+ trades/month) that's very rare, so I knew I found something special.

My personal value from Stewie's trading service doesn't come from his email alerts or his chart explanation (although that helped me significantly during my progression as a trader). My value comes from his experience and his attitude. When I have a trading slump he reminds me to focus on my strength, reminds me that trading isn't all that easy and coaches me to get back on track. He also has some very strong money management techniques I could benefit from during these times. Considering I could hire a trading coach or have Stewie coach me and have him be familiar with my trading style this is a no brainer.

Review by ENGINE99

True Edge

"Starting from the first and most important thing, Stewie, the trader who operates The Art of Trading, has demonstrated a true and constant edge over the 9 months I have followed him.

His performance is impressive, and his drawdowns are low - my risk tolerance as a trader is very very low, yet I feel comfortable following his trades. His style is very clear - he will always explain the rationale behind his trades. If the trade is to be taken quickly, then he will issue an alert and give the rationale shortly after.

Following Stewie for at least a year will give you a day-in day-out insight into the life of a full time trader - in my opinion an experience which wins hands down over a one shot seminar or DVD. Depending on how much you are investing, his monthly fee should be easily recouped in one or two of his trades.

Stewie's mentorship has been very instrumental in my development as a trader and I am very grateful to him for this."

Review by Etoke

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