Friday, December 10, 2010

Trade Taken At The Art Of Trading : SMSI

"Stewie, Long SMSI and CENX and holding till next week on your setups. Learning much and making money already. Will be glued to this weekend.

(Matt signed up YESTERDAY!!)

Hi Stewie, the setups worked great today - thanks!

I played RVBD and held it a little longer because I was away from my computer @ work, but it worked in my favor as I exited later in the day. I played the options here and was able make about 30% exiting around 37.30!

Unfortunately I couldn't also trade SMSI with you as I was away from my desk, but there's always monday!

Thanks for the alerts and explanations!


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(Jason signed up YESTERDAY!!)

I couldn't get on Rvbd. I took this one(SMSI).

Keep up the good work!


Lovely day mate. Your patience has paid off, what a winner! ...You are kicking arse at the moment, no two ways about it... Great end to the week. Nice work mate.


"Hi Stewie,

Great trades today!

SMSI: entered with you at $15.58 on retracement to R2. As it approached R3 at $15.99 and momentum slowed, I sold half under it, then we watched it pause under R3 for a while and then take it with volume. When momentum slowed and you got out, I followed at $16.16 for 3.7% gain.

RVBD: entered with you at $36.56 on a break of today's high with volume. Stock took off nicely, and when momentum slowed I took off half at $37.13. Then it retraced and we got out the second half at b/e $36.60. In hindsight, I should have given it more room, as VWAP was at $36.59 and the stock bounced off it nicely and kept going. Still, I sold half at 1.5% profit.

Thanks for a good day!



Billman89 said...

Great picks today once again Stewie!
While Wed/Thurs were bad days to trade today was great. thanks for SNDK, caught $0.30 on it.

Do you give the precise entries taken to your subscribers?


Stewie said...

Hi bill,

yes, i give exact entry price. Also, I GIVE EXITs.

Billman89 said...

Great!! I'm a young trader (in college) trying to get out of stage 4 from your post a long time again describing the stages. Can't wait to subscribe to your service for a couple months this winter once I get a break from school.

Have a good weekend.

Stewie said...

Sounds good bill. Whenever you are ready partna!

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