Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reviewing The ART OF TRADING Setups Performance

WNR: +46.7%
SM: +13%
SFI: +25%
OAS: +15%
MCP: +31.4%
IDCC: +20.4%
FWLT: +20.6%
DHX: +16.4%
DAR: +11.80%
ARBA: +20%
ACI: +20.6%
AREX: +23%

For the past few days/weeks i have been sharing my setups which i post here and on twitter for free! Let's review some of these setups and see how they did! I hope that many of you were able to enjoy some of these picks! I will continue to keep publishing these setups as i have been doing here on this blog since 2007!!

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Took CX for 3.2% win

Held on to AUDC and took 4% win today

Good Calls. Thanks!


"Hi Stewie, I took both trades, both worked out great! On PCX I got in lower at $17.86, so I ended up with 4% gain.

Thanks again,


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Johnson's Trading Blog said...

But where are the setups that did well? lol. Keep up the great work and happy early b-day.

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