Monday, December 13, 2010

Art Of Trading Success Story!!

Check out this amazing email i got this morning!!

This is awesome!

"I LOVE your service.You have helped me tremendously with my trading - you really have no idea. Following you for the last several months has turned my trading around. I am a lot more confident now and have started digging myself out of a hole. Thank you!!

I thought of something this weekend that I have been wanting to ask you... The bull flags and ascending triangle patterns are working great in this bull market, but what kinds of setups do you take when the market isn't so strong like this? (Ex: fall of 2008) Do you have other types of setups that you take, or do you just wait patiently until you see the market conditions start to strengthen again?

Thanks, again! I took MGIC and MIPS for nice profits today! I even took MCP on a smaller time frame bull flag breakout once the news broke earlier for a quick scalp because I had it on my radar from your setups. You rock! :)


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