Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congrats To VKC!!

VKC is a frequent reader of this blog and he nailed an ONH trade with UNG and booked $1400.    Congrats dude and i am glad to hear that otehrs are gaining for this technique and benefitting from this blog. 

Hope there are more guys out there! 



VKC said...

Thanks Stewie...
I don't want your readers to get confused but the ONH was with UYG, not UNG.
It was fun watching your bet with RC.

I'm going to send Ugly some $$$$ for Wallstreak!

Anonymous said...

Stewie, where do you post your ONH's? Can't find them on your website. Love the charts by the way. Thanks, G

Stewie said...

hi G. i usually post them on

Anonymous said...

just wondering what an ONH is?

Stewie said...

ONH is Over Night Hold. Look thru my archives for the links to this setup.

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