Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HG Trade Of The Day


Thomas said...


I have a few questions about your HES trade.

1. There is no signal like the one on 1 min. chart for shorting HES. If your trading style criteria meets on the 1 min. chart, is it ok to take the trade?

2. It does not appear like a retracement because the volume is quite good when it touches the 20 EMA on the 1 min. chart. How do you know this is the point to go for the trade?

3. How do you choose your stocks? Do you have a diff. list of stocks everyday?

I am trying to learn your style of trading and your response will be appreciated.

Great trades. Simply awesome!


Anonymous said...

Check out RBN, looks like its about to absolutely explode.

Stewie said...

alex: rbn looks pretty strong in this dangerous market.

Stewie said...

thomas: not sure what you are talking about but i will go ahead and answer what i do understand. HES was from MY BEAR LIST from yesterday's setups. OIl took a big hit today and i knew i could find a decent short if i scanned hard enough. the selloff in crude happened so fast that i had to zoom down to the 1 min to hunt for setups. HES setup an HG and volume was pretty weak in my eyes. i wanna see the stock stall out once it gets near the 20 SMA and i wanna make sure that the whole sector is weak and getting weaker and then i will more confident it'll reverse from there.

Thomas said...

Thanks Stewie. You reply answered my questions :)

upsidetrader said...

there were great HG setups short in the energy patch today, caught some beauties myself, also some beauties on the long side in the financials, HG worked almost flawlessly today on both sides

Stewie said...

hi upside. MA had some nice ones. SKF inverse HGs all day.

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