Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Blogger: Options Trader NickHO

If you are into options or ever thought about options trading you need to check out:

That guy is damn good and he knows options!


OE Trader said...

Thanks for the link! Remember...$20k, today...but don't force any trades.

HPT said...

They just had MEE on CNBC (friday), saying it probably still has room to go to the downside as the oil trade unwinds.

Anonymous said...

stewie, i am trying to figure out the rationale to the blow off in volume, weather it being at the end of a downtrend or uptrend. what would be your opinion on why this occurs at the end of a trend? and why would it end the trend. I am thinking that the blowoff has either exhausted all the buyers or sellers. which makes the trend reverse, or go sideways. would that theory be logical?thanks Bill

Stewie said...

hi bill. your logic is 100% spot on. after trends run and persist and the trend become obvious to the masses, then what normally occurs is a parabolic move where prices run straight up/down almost defying gravity or logic(check out PCX or SKF recently). once you start to see huge volume after huge runs then be ready to exit b/c the masses are getting greedy as they pile on top of each looking for the 'easy' trade but experienced trader know that usually is a turning point and there will a lot of disappointed people.

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