Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Strong Conviction In Your Analysis and Your Trades

I made 5 day trades today. WB, SKF, MEE, HK, & HES(thanks blue). I was going in with big size. Cleared another new 2008 record day. This has by far been my best month trading ever! Today is seemed like i was seeing breakouts and strong moves way ahead of time. i would position early and even when the trade went against me, i felt confident enough that my analysis would pan out and the position will be profitable. Strong conviction but never stubborn.


fjords said...


I was able to get 2 pts on CLR. I left a lot on the table but I'm still working on my outs.

Congrats again!

Johnson's Trading Blog said...

giddy up - well done

VT Castle said...

Hey congrats! I'm not brave enough to go this big, but my daytrading skills are not validated yet (my opinion).

Have you considered setting up your own fund?


HPT said...

Nice Job Stewie. I suggest taking out a large chunk of this months profits and putting them away somewhere safe. You might be killing it in the market right now, but there could be rough times ahead. I'm just saying this because I've had big drawdowns after record days and I regretted not taking out some of the profits.

Stewie said...

thanks boys!

HPT. i agree with tucking money away after a huge run. Keeps you humble and keeps your feet on the ground. I will do Aug 1. thanks!

ainkurn said...

keep robbing the bank buddy!

Stewie said...

vt. i used to manage a fund. these days are over, for now anyway.

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