Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ONLY One Chart But It Says A Lot

More selling coming.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a cup and handle also.


Option Addict said...


I read your comment on Wallstreak about OA being mentioned on CNBC.

Could you shed a detail or two?

Thanks dude,

Jeff (OA)

upsidetrader said...

needs to hit 30 stew, maybe today or monday

Stewie said...

hey OA. kudos my man! CNBC had a segment where they asked viewers a question on the million dollar portfolio challenge. I can't remember the exact question but hey asked a question like: "On the Option Addict Blog, what stock(i think it was a financial stock) would go bancrupt?" or something. Do you remember saying something like that on your blog? Either way, it was a positive mention. GREAT WORK OA! You are the MAN!

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