Sunday, July 27, 2008

Why Are We in This Financial Mess? By Leavitt Brothers


Anonymous said...

Stewie, I have a huge amount of respect for Jason Leavitt as I have known and followed him for several years. Both of you are highly reputable. Stewie, Thank you again for your amazing analysis! -- Jim

Stewie said...

thanks jim. jason is a pioneer in the technical anaylsis biz. i also have been following his work for a long time.

VT Castle said...

Sup Stewie! I've seen Leavitt's work before, but do you subscribe to their trading services? If so, do you think it's worth the investment? Lots of blogs out there w/ charting and analysis, so I'd value your opinion.

Good luck today.

Stewie said...

hi VT. Jason Leavitt visits my blog regularly. i haven't seen in a while. He is a classy guy and always had nice to say. anyways, i used to subscribe to his service thru my broker. He used to send him his nightly newsletters. He has excellent analysis and the price is very reasonable. He is more a swing trader and he does options trades too. I am more of a day trader. visit his site and look thru archives and you'll see that his record is very good.

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