Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Note To Self: We Will Enter A Major New BULL MARKET!

ONLY and Only when Dennis Kneale on CNBC turns BEARISH! Talk about a perma bull!


Anonymous said...

yeah, he is the same way joe patipaglia was at the end of the tech
boom. joe was telling everyone how it was a great buying opportunity as the nasdaq was plummeting. now joe is the opposite. he's a forever bear now. he is right now but his credibility is shot with anyone who remembers.

Stewie said...

i remember that Douche BAg. i will never forget him. He was a bull poster child. once this bear is over, Dennis Kneale will be the douche bag everyone remembers as the bull poster child. You can add abbey joseph cohen to the list.

Anonymous said...

no doubt stewie. another fine job today. as i said i can't stomach that joe bagadonuts and that other ass hole will be begging forbes for his old job back. later Bill

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