Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OIH Steep Correction Might Be Over and Looks Ready For a Bounce


Nergo said...

I listened to your interview and I see my personality and trading temperment is alot like yours. That is, I want the trade to move in my favor almost immediately and if it don't I will sell/get out. Therefore, my "problem" is I don't have any patience. Many times I will close-out a trade with a small profit or small loss only to realize the stock takes-off shortly after I bailed-out. Very frustrating!! Can you give me any suggestions, recommendations or thought patterns you go through about patience? Or, do you rely on chart indicators as the MACD or RSI intraday to determine when to sell? Or, do you follow your intraday "holy grail" and the 20 ma to determine when to sell a trade?? Any help is appreciated?? my email:

I have learned so much from your website and comments in Wallstreak. Your willingness to share your insights and teach is respected and appreciated. Me?? .. a regular American "joe" with three kids and a fair job... just trying to pick-up some extra $ with trading.

Thanks Again Stewie

Stewie said...

hi nergo. email me. we can talk privately.

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