Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Art Of Trading Stocks/Index Email Alerts Service

If You Have Been Following This Blog For The Past Few Months Then You Have A Good Idea Of What The Stock/Index Email Alerts Will Look Like:


LOTS OF CHARTS!! You Know My Blog By Now! I Let The Charts Do The Talkin!

  • Weekend Summary of the previous week and what to look for the following week.

  • Analysis of weekly, daily, 60, 30 and 15 min of stocks & indexes i deem relevant.
  • Scan thru various of my watchlists to spot what i deem are good potential setups.
  • Do not expect 20 different setups. Expect 3-5 SOLID setups. That's it! Less is MORE! (please make sure to double check earnings dates and/or distributions on etfs).

  • I will help ALL members who have concerns about their trading or obstacles (via email). I will try and answer any questions and try and guide you in the right direction.
  • I will email out swing trades & day trades candidates.

  • I will do a daily analysis of major indexes and give possible direction expectations.

  • I DO NOT TRADE EVERYDAY! So please do not expect me to shoot out trades at will.

  • Good trades operate on their own time. Never force it. Let them come to you!

  • I will always attempt to seek out THE LOWEST RISK enrties from my watchlist.

  • I expect you to be somewhat independent in your thinking after reading thru the emails.

  • I am most active in the 1st hour and final 2 hours. Don't expect much in between.

  • I will shoot out emails containing specific stocks, entries, stops and always be aware of trade managements emails(such as moving stops to breakeven if a profit is realized, etc).


  • There is no such thing as the perfect trading system: expect drawdowns and win streaks. Managing these streaks is what good traders do so well!

  • You will also get emails that look like this or this or this. Use it to your discretion. Trading is an art, be creative and practice using your own judgement.
  • I will shoot out (from time to time) videos like this and this, even tho i hate my voice and always sound nervous!
  • Index setups.

  • Lots of trading psychology material to help you stay sharp, self aware and positive.

  • ALL alerts/charts/trading thoughts/videos etc will be emailed to you and you should receive them within seconds.

I rarely ever use margin when trading. Money management on these trading alerts is totally up to you but i urge you to be smart and wise as to how you allocate money to ALL your trades. I personally like to use small positions this way i remain unemotional and think rationally thru out the trade. Once you start to take gorilla sized trades you are setting yourself up for failure, no doubt in my mind. Don't be greedy! Once you feel more confident in your timing, risk management and trading in general then you can increase your size.

I have been trading full time for 6 years now and i have tremendous respect for the market.

You will learn to be that way once you get your teeth and head knocked in a few times. I am much smaller than the market and i must abide by it's rules day in and day out or else i will be gobbled up and no one will even notice or care. You must respect the power of the markets you trade in.

Regular visitors of this blog and folks who traded with me on know how i trade and have seen my trading calls and have seen how i managed thru the worst bear seen in decades (in real time for the most part).

I have subscribed to many newsletters in my past and i know very well what traders wanna see. They WANT QUALITY INFORMATION & ANALYSIS that they can trade from!! At the same time, I WANT TO SEE ALL my subscribers do well or feel like their trading is taking a turn for the better.

How Much Will This Service Set you Back?

All this will cost you a mere $50 a month. I am trying to give a reasonable price that i think everyone can afford. $50 is the price of the commission on some trades!!!

Payment will be done thru Paypal.

This service is now active! So if you think this will be of use to your trading goals, THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Subscribe NOW to The Art Of Trading Alerts Service!


thespaw said...

Very interested and I will probably be one of your first customers regardless, but text alerts would be huge for me.
I don't always get email alerts because of work, etc.
I ALWAYS receive my text alerts.
If you could make that happen it would be very, very helpful.


market folly said...

stew, congrats my man very exciting! i know you'll kill it. been following you for a while now.

quick question.. what service are you using to deliver the newsletter... aweber? or some other service?

market folly said...

stew, congrats my man very exciting! i know you'll kill it. been following you for a while now.

quick question.. what service are you using to deliver the newsletter... aweber? or some other service?

Stewie said...

Spaw: i remeber you asking for that. i'll make it for you. texts no prob.

Stewie said...

thanks market folly. i am just regualr email right now. seems to be working ok thus far.

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