Thursday, March 19, 2009

MAjor Short Squeeze

Look at these panic gaps in FRE, AIG, FNM, and C. Internals looks solid which lower the odds of a potential reversal as of now. Could change later. These gaps you see in these financials looks exhaustive BUT the only probelm is that these names are so freakin heavily shorted and you just don't know who will be last man standing??? Best to just sit tight and let the squeeze happen and not get infront of it until better risk/reward start to mainfest themselves. kinda feel stupid for missing these runs.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I hear you, I also said damn at $1 I should pick up C just to see it hit 1.5, but of course I let the fundamentals scare me any rate our rally is exhausted and I'm all in today on FAZ at $27, can't wait to see what transpires

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