Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strong BUYS

SKF and FAZ should produce some killer gains over the next 2-4weeks but need to give them room to breathe a bit imo. So maybe a small position and more breathing room will be the swing strategy here.


Sia said...

Its a shame the futures are drifting lower as we speak.

Stewie said...

BIG shame. i really wanted some strength in the AM. bummer.

Stewie said...

anything can happen between now and friday. you could get another stab at it before then.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on these names. I'm watching FAZ like a hawk. Check out this analysis:

faz me softly said...

got filled on a very small $27 order today placed on a lark, so obviously i'm feelin ya.

question i have are:

considering the short squeezes by the State on C, AIG, fannie & freddie that are oh so perhaps going on as we speak, what are the instruments using FAZ/SKF to generate their returns?

wonder if these are in any way being affected by the rush to deliver other than properly reflecting the multiple inverse of the Russell?

might be worth it to analyze their deviations for the next couple days before going all in???

just a thought...

just found this blog over the past 24 hours. instantly smitten by the principles listed at the top, quickly impressed by the nimble analysis.


Stewie said...

looks like the bear will in the "DOG HOUSE" again. Looks like another short squeeze. no mercy on the way just there was no mercy on the way down. i think being in cash here the smartest thing to do. we are too strecthed that profit takers can come in at any point and we are obviously still in squeezing mode. I will you one thing tho: most bears have underestimated this included...but at least i respected it and ndver tried to get infront of it for too long.

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