Tuesday, March 10, 2009

For What Its Worth

Both exchanges posted 90:10 up:down volume days on Tuesday. A string of sessions posting these lopsided numbers is closely associated with major bottoms.

Alan Farley


Sia said...

I posted a chart of a ratio of the up/down volume on my blog. I do not see it as major significance in a bottom. Sometime I wonder where people get these assumptions from.

Stewie said...

Sia; to be honest with you, i personally do not think this is a bottom. far from it. bottoms don't start with a gap up and especially with everyone on CNBC and especially the cnbc anchors calling bottom. short term rally within a severe downtrned?yes. bottom? NO WAY! We need to test the lows again and again and test the resolve and raise the depression levels on retests and these reteats need to succeed. the november retests failed miserably. short term short covering move, not a bottom imo. by the way, when the real bottom comes everyone will be skeptical not celebtrating.

Cliffynator said...

That's right, we can now use the CNBC-contrarian-indicator to back up the TIME-c.i.

BTW, what's the inverse of party hats? I wasn't watching CNBC yet, back in '02.

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