Friday, March 13, 2009

For Those Interested In PRIVATE COACHING


Trading is an art: that's what you see on the top of my blog and i put that on top of my blog because it has a meaning to me. There are just as many trading strategies and trading styles as there are people who trade BUT the winning traders all have similar traits: Here are some and my goal will to be bring out these traits in you and give you confidence and believe in what will be eventually your trading style or art.

1. The winning trader is passionate and has a biting desire to succeed. The biting desire to succeed can make all the difference in educating.

2. A winning trader has to have a very positive attitutude towards losing and takes his loss like a "gentleman" and focuses on hunting down the next opportunity.

3. A winning trader doesn't mind being embarrased or proven wrong. They have confidence in themselves and will galdly take a small loss to keep their ego in check and keep them sharp.

4. Winning traders are highly disciplined. Extremely disciplined. A successful trader does what needs to be done, even if he isn't in the mood. Discipline also means sticking to your strategy, not suddenly buying or selling on a whim, sticking to stops and needs to think like a machine and take out the human aspects out of his trading. Anger, jealousy, revenge, greedy or panic trading needs to be cut out to a minimum. These are self destructive habits that need to be eliminated out of the trader's DNA.

5. Has extreme confidence in his trading style. This is where trading becomes an art and this will take time to discover "your" style.

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