Friday, March 20, 2009

NR7/Inside Day

Thus far, trade is very choppy and in a narrow range. If we close in this narrow range. This could be a good sign for higher prices.


OE Trader said...

Congrats on your new service, bud! You have a lot to teach. New Turtles? I hope they do even better!

Cliffynator said...

Technicals point to this being consolidation right now. But look at your chart above: did we REALLY hit bottom in March? Or will we see lower lows again?

Bernanke is speaking today at Noon EST. That's 3x Uncle Ben this week. Pump! Pump! Pump!

Stewie said...

hi OE. been a while. thank you for the kind words pal.

cliffy: i am confident we will retest lows again, the only question is will it be form higher grounds. only time will tell and we'll trade accordingly.

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