Monday, March 23, 2009

Nervous Bulls + Eager Bears

should equal higher prices.


fizzy faz said...

i put in a 22.22 order in for FAZ this morning. raised it later to 24.50.

not stressin b/c it's hedged but just goes to show ya:

1st thought, best thought.

Stewie said...

my wargning sign to tighten the leash on my OIH short and DXD long trades was when they failed to work right away. they were flighting me the second i put them on. that's why i tightened stops and gladly got stopped out. that cued me to get long.

fizzy said...

yeah, i'm learning that's a quite excellent methodology, especially when your increasing your risk profile.

i knew within 15 minutes of when the higher order hit that it was going to 22.

excellent stuff stewie...cheers

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