Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The stock picking service i envision will provide intra day trading alerts which i will email to you instantly with a chart briefly explaining the reasoning behind the trade idea. Check out my recent POSTS titled: DOJI like Patterns On FAZ and SKF or ABX Bear Flag Update for an idea of what this alert service will offer.

I will give the ideal entry and stop loss and it could be a day trade, Over Nite Hold(ONH) or a 1-3 day swing trade. You will know ahead of time which timeframe is most ideal for a particular trade.

I DO NOT trade everyday, I always wait for the ideal trade and best risk reward situation to arise and many times it is best to just step away(I hate trading choppy conditions).

I WANT YOU to be successful and will never throw darts and hope a trade sticks. I want to offer the BEST and MOST rewarding trades with least amount of capital risked.

This service will most likely be the least expensive.

I WILL NOT be shooting for homerun trades. Slow and Steady usually wins the trading game at the end of the day. CUT OUT EMOTIONS in your accounts will be my top priorty.

feel free to email me at: if you wish.


thespaw said...

In addition to email, having text messaging for your intraday stuff would sell me on your service. I use a service now that does that and it makes a huge difference getting alerts on my iPhone so I can make the trade anywhere.


Momo Stock Trader said...


I wish you luck with whatever venture you decide. I think you'd be great at either a stock alert service or individual coaching. I don't think it's easy. You might get more traction if you started off with a very reasonable price and also still maintain a lot of free content. For example look at the pushback that Jeff Kohler aka "Options Addict" got when he went more commercial.

Another idea is to allow the option for customers to autotrade your pics - that way it could be in their own accounts but they can see what you did,and they don't have to type the order:

Again, all the best!

Stewie said...

great ideas. thnx for the feedback. thnx marv! love your new blog by the way.

Philly Tape Reader said...

I am definitely interested in hearing more about the service and how much it costs. I feel I am slightly above average trader but looking for ideas on how to improve.
Last year I cranked out a meager profit, but felt I wasn't really in control and wasted a lot of mental energy. I have a day job where I work at home whenever I want, and can actively trade, just don't want to have to sit in front of the charts all day or if there was something I could focus on part time, I wouldn't be pulling myself in 20 different directions. Things I'm interested in are How to plan for the trading day, how often to refresh charts, how many charts to look at, what charts to look at, why certain set ups are appealing etc. anyway you do alot of this already and I do too, but your way seems a bit more focused. I feel sometimes if I spent 75% less time doing the right things I would actually be more profitable b/c my head would be more in the game.
I need to get rid of the crap I do that is wasting my time and mental energy. anyway keep up the blog, its awesome!

Salsaman said...

I would have also chosen private coaching, but only one pick at a time is possible. :)

shlick said...

I would be interested in initiating your services provided they are affordable. I think your services should be priced on a perfomance basis. Attaching a spreadsheet to you services showing trade type, date, profit/loss,and reason for trade, along with a monthly breakdown of amount of trades, and % gain /loss would all be usefull. It would hold your feet to the fire so to speak. There are a lot of other services out there that don't do as I disribe. They talk a big talk but don't expose themselves for their clients to moniter. This type of progress watching is extremely important to me for it displays exactly what you are paying for, gain or loss. Please keep me informed!

Stewie said...

excellent feedback shlick.

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