Friday, July 24, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Performance For Week 15

Here's this week's trade performance. It was a pretty good week with 9 trades: 8 winners and 1 small loss.

I better call it a week while i have a bunch of winners and wanna close this awesome week on a strong positive note. It was a great week, not only for me personally but it sounds like many of you benefited from these alerts. Also, nice to see some traders turn around their losing streaks. All it takes is 1-2 decent trades and your confidence will return. Trading is all mental in the end.

LONG/SHRT Symbol Entry Price Exit Price % Profit/Loss Holding Period

LONG pwrd 33.7 34.3 1.78 day trade
LONG gmcr 64.77 66.6 2.83 day trade
LONG pwrd 34.7 34.72 0.06 day trade

short pot 90.46 93.02 2.83 day trade
LONG gmcr 65.02 66.74 2.65 swing trade

LONG sds 50.9 50.62 -0.55 day trade

lONG ogxi 26.6 28.11 5.68 swing trade
lONG mtl 10.05 10.1 0.5 swing trade

LONG cyou 40 41.35 3.38 day trade

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