Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pictures Of My Lil Lady and Me

p.s. that other cute lil blonde is my lady's twin sister and fellas she is newly single!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

Single you say. Now I all I need to do is move to Oregon from KC. lol


Dan T. said...

Dammit, somebody has to say it, she's cute.

Anonymous said...

Newly Single is my new FAVORITE two words Stewie. Now what I want to know is that is she a good kisser and 2nd most important thing of all--is she a fun person.


Stewie said...

zztop: is she a good kisser? i have NO CLUE about that! ha!

Is she fun? hell ya!

John C. Lee said...


Stewie said...

Johnny. you need to get over here! she is even cuter in person. they both do actually!! and they have a very cute italian accent. you will melt dude. Most guys do! ha!

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