Saturday, July 4, 2009

Spending July 4th Weekend At The Oregon Coast

This place is simply breathe taking! If you get a chance to come here, DO IT!


Greg said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing the photos. The Northeast USA has it's charm, but shots like this make me think abut moving back to the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us where that is specifically? I'm planning for a road trip this summer... Thanks.

Stewie said...

hi anon and greg:
we went to a place called Seaside but if you are visiting oregon, then i highly suggest you drive down the entire coast line and enjoy the laid back drive(the entire drive you'll be surrounded with big tall trees!) and amazing scenery of the coast lines.
The pictures you see in the post are of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach which is about a 15 minute drive from Seaside).

what i loved the most were these beautiful farms that you'll see all around you and massive forests. I also liked the small mom and pop restaurants and gas stations along the way. good old fashioned america and proud of it. Also, definitely look into renting out a cottage rather than a lame hotel or motel room. you'll appreciate the charm of a cottage much more. very friendly and laid back attitude of the folks who live there. It was definitely a nice break from the ordinary. oregon is one of the most naturally beautiful places in america, i am confident of that!

Anonymous said...

Could you post more photos? Thanks!!!

Stewie said...

you wanted more oregon pics? check out my latest post!!

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