Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tech Power Stocks On The Verge Of Collapse

These four tech stocks lead the tech rally since the march lows and now these names are in serious risk of breakdown here.


Anonymous said...

awesome picks.. nice work stewie

Stewie said...

thanks bro. but i must say, since these are power house stocks, they will not drop easily. they are gonna wiggle around and bounce around a tad before the eventual drop which i think is coming. at the very least i expect these stocks to test their 50 day MAs.

S Zaman said...

I agree. Look at RIMM.Looks like its gonna fall apart.Short term,it will bounce around a bit.Some Inverse ETF's that Iam watching.

Anonymous said...

hey stewey:
3 days back u opined the H&S in SPX etc will not break to the norm and now a flip here...wondering what tomorrow brings

Stewie said...

anon, i think you are that same guy from xtrends a couple of weeks back. i never said the H&S will not break to the norm. go back and read the again. i said "be ware of popular patterns". Also, the H&S formation does break to the downside until 880 gets taken out and stays there for a while. there are no guarantees in trading but i have a feeling that SPX H&S that you and millions of other traders are looking at will give you head aches and frustrate the HELL out of you before it resolves. haha!
I don't think you understand my style of trading. I am NOT looking a IT move, like many folks at xtrends.
You seem like you are "new" to trading and still trying to find your footing, i'll give you the same advice i gave you a couple of weeks back, be ready to change your mind quickly, very quickly when you are trading, if not, the freight train will cruise over you as if you never existed.
In trading it's NOT whether you are right or wrong, it's whether you make money, until you understand this simple concept you will continue to struggle my friend. just friendly advice.
At any rate, all the best! ;-)

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