Friday, July 10, 2009

Art Of Trading Service Update

The Art Of Trading Service has been active for about 13 weeks now and has shown profits in 11 of the last 13 weeks with only 2 small losing weeks. This is a record that i am very proud of! In the 13 weeks of trading and using a VERY CONSERVATIVE allocation to each trade alert your portfolio would be up about 23% in 13 weeks!!! That's an excellent return especially given the portfolio is never fully invested and only holds positions for 1-2 days maximum.
But more than just the alerts, i strive to ensure that ALL my members achieve some sort of success from using the service. Some members are only paper trading and are 'practicing' to find their niche, some traders are working with small accounts while others are working with multi million dollar accounts, some are part time traders and some are fulltime traders. It doesn't matter about the background, most seem to be very pleased with the service i am providing and that makes me so happy and motivates me to deliver even better results!!
GO TO and check out the testimonials! Straight from my members themselves!

Starting this service is THE BEST TRADING CAREER move i have ever done and anyone who knows me for a while knows that I LOVE HELPING all traders.

If you feel like a service like this could benefit your trading bottom line or maybe give your trading a little extra boost then



Anonymous said...


can we trade with full time jobs.
how to enter and exit trade.
is it preset entry and exit.


Stewie said...

hi there bill.

Most of my members have fulltime jobs. I send alerts live and real time. no preset setups even do i give many preset setups and live setups. the alerts however are not preset. I will email the alerts and some members use SMS text messages to their cellphones. we also have a live chat room where many traders log in and exchange ideas and thoughts and strategies etc. try it with the 14 day free trial and see if it works for you.

Momo Stock Trader said...


Great job. I am planning on coming back next month (had to stop due to working out family issues--not because it wasn't great). I also have to figure out how to get the alerts discretely on my iPhone - don't want to intermix it with my work email, but then need to make sure I watch the other email or SMS. On the iPhone I can at least have multiple emails more easily than the Blackberry.

Perhaps not right away, but at some point you may want to think of signing up with Thinkorswim (TOS) as an autotrade partner. In their own alert services you can chose to do either manual or autotrade, and it also flexible enough that people decide their own account size and % of capital risked per trade. They are also flexible on commissions.

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