Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Protection Of Capital First, Making Money Second

That has been my motto as i learned this lesson the hard way. Making money is not nearly as enticing to me as getting my money back. When you have the discipline to cut the trades that FIGHT you early on, you will give yourself a much better shot at staying in the game and you will avoid the head games that come when you managing a trade that is not cooperating. I will always happily buy it back later, if it can prove to me that it will play ball with me. I try and not allow a stock to bully me around. Much better off to cut it loose early and step off until more "playbale" conditions come back.


Anonymous said...

just looking at EXEL. Would you call that a bull flag it has formed? Thanks

Stewie said...

hi there.

EXEL looks to be 'starting' the bull flag process. check back 2-3 days and it might set up a little better but you are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stewie, if the market is going to pull back, should I go long in anything at all even though the chart of a particular stock is bullish? I haven't really thought about this until today...haha.

Stewie said...

the market might pullback as much many people think. we are overbot, yes but it seems like the market wants to correct overbot by churning sideways and frustrating everyone!! ha! if you have some nice long ideas and don't want a rally, then scale into these long with small positions and add if you we drop more. make sure you know where your stops should be etc.

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