Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sell Signals Surfacing

Long SDS at 50.9

SDS Update: Sold it at 50.62. Small loss as it sure looks like the bulls don't wanna let go. Would rather not fight them here.


The Average Jay said...

Just a thought. Are we going up becasue the news is a little bad and not really bad? Are people rushing to buy anything just to throw money at a hope? I guess so. I know you can't fight the market, but I can't see any reason that the market is running up so fast so quick other then false hope, or worse ( to make bad times seem good ). Just a thought

Stewie said...

don't forget 3 short months ago, the stock market was pricing in total destruction of financial system.

Blue said...

Market of extremes just like our society.

Extreme sports & fitness
Extreme diets
Extreme religion
etc, etc

What I'm interested in is starting with OPEX last week, why are they pressing this market up so fast? What's the hurry. Evilspeculator has a theory:

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