Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Always Be Looking For A Theme

Hi guys,

Remember, the best trades and the only trades you should be focusing on are the trades that have a THEME. What do i mean?? As traders our job is always asking ourselves WHAT IS WORKING TODAY?? Take ZION for example: After the GS mess lots of traders assumed that many banks who also suffer the same fate and went heavily short in bank stocks. Once GS stabilized and started to become 'old news", i sensed a short squeeze in banking names coming(you could see in the charts!!) and i called it out in the chat room yesterday as well. I sensed that many traders got trapped in short positions and we needed to pounce on this opportunity by doing the exact opposite and went long ZION and if you looked around lots of other bank stocks were squeezing yesterday and today as well.

Look at ZION, HBAN, SUSQ, PCBC, KEY, BBX and many more. All skyrocketed yesterday and today. Trapped shorts needed to exit FAST!!!

Always, be looking for a theme and/or sector confirmation to ensure you are riding the better waves and landing on the right side of the big movers!

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