Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Trading Partner And Coach

"After following Stewie on his blog and on twitter, I decided to take the free trial. I knew from the first week that I would stay. Its been about a month and I am a happy camper. I've learned a lot and made plenty of money. Just today I'm up over 3K. Stewie sends realtime buy and sell alerts with stops, followed by emails with charts explaining the trades. Not every trade works of course, but the stops are tight enough to prevent large losses. I now can recognize a Stewie chart anywhere. The Art of Trading service also has a chatroom filled with smart and supportive traders. There are great picks in there as well. Stewie gives very personalized service. He is always just an email away for an questions or comments I have. I have subscribed to other newsletters and market services, but none comes close to what Stewie provides. I recommend the Art of Trading to anyone in the market, rookie or veteran.



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