Saturday, April 17, 2010

Trade With Discipline and Don't Get Sloppy!

Two things i will feel very strongly about:

1. never EVER add to a losing position. EVER! If it's not working, why add good money to bad? At this point, you are in damage control mode. It's another thing if you are trying to pyramid into a position. For example: You go into a trade with 1/3 size, add another 1/3 and add the final 1/3 in an attempt to build a full position in a stock you feel strongly about. I do not mind that. But adding money to a full position which is not working is a BIG NO in my book! You never want any ONE trade to ruin your entire week or month folks. DISCIPLINE!

2. NEVER ever compromise your stop loss. I know a nice ran away bull market makes everyone think that's okay to remove the stop loss or lower the stop loss to much lower levels because eventually the stock will bottom and rebound. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL guys! This is absolutely NOT what we are trying to do as traders. This is basically turning your trades into investments just because you cannot handle the pain of a small loss. It is much easier to dig yourself back form a 2-3% loss than a 10-15% loss. Hindsight is always 20-20 and most of you will say "gosh, i shoulda stuck to the original stop". Trust me, life will be much less stressful taking occasional small stop losses along the way then being stuck in "hold and hope" mode.


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