Friday, April 23, 2010

Amazing Testimonial From A NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

Hi Stewie,
I wish for you to post the following below as my testimonial. I am going to write more and I hope you can share it!
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Signed up around 4/2010
Like others, I am very skeptical about products/services online. Like others, I have tried things here and there to give myself a chance. Afterall, who wouldn't want to improve themselves? But like others, I eventaully find out that what I signed up for was a bogus and a complete waste of time and money. But then, I came across Stewie's blog and thought about his services.
Why? What made me sign up?
Well, to begin, I saw and liked his openess to share, and teach. His charts were basic, easy to understand and his willingness to share is genuine. My approach to trading is more mundane. I buy and sell, and don't deal w/ a lot of the fancies. As a beginner I was able to relate to this. During one posting on his blog, he shared a PDF of chart patterns. As I downloaded it, I thought deeper about the approach this guy had. I thought to myself, maybe I should sign up and try 'again'. After contemplating and reading the testimonials deeply, I decided to go for it. For $50/month I felt like it could not be any worst than the other services I've tried. I didn't sign up because I wanted to replicate his trades (although it is great), rather, I signed up hoping to get some mentorship; something I feel is the most important in learning, especially w/ trading.
After a few weeks, I felt regretful for not signing up sooner, but at the same time I feel grateful for taking the plunge. Stewie's character is evident in his work and his passion to mentor and help is there. I like how he coaches everyone about discipline. He doesn't stop at it, and that's what we all need sometimes, someone to remind you to not overtrade, or stay in cash. He also shares articles, postings and thoughts which keep you in line. Trading is a special thing. The online community are like co-workers! Trading doesn't have to be complicated. A chart doesn't need to have crayon lines, or excessive indicators. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best and that's what I like about this. But most of all, I like the interaction Stewie creates. He gives a real community and feel to it, and he'll reply to your questions !
Thanks again Stewie. I hope to chat soon w/ you folks!

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