Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awesome Review From A Long Time Art Of Trading Member!!

I started following Stewie's blog, ( around February of 2009, a few months before Stewie launched this service. As a proprietary trader at an investment bank, I was always fully saturated with ideas in the market, following numerous blogs where traders posted their trades and other users would also contribute ideas. By the time Stewie launched his alerts service, I had seen more than enough successful trades, backed up with detailed charts and explanations, to know that Stewie was not only going to be able to produce winning stock picks, but that I could learn a lot from. In my past I was more of an investor or medium term trader, but as the markets fell and volatility rose, I found that there was much money to be made in these markets if you are following the right discipline and strategies. In the past year I have grown so much as a trader, had discipline reinforced through his critical eye and rules that never get bent. Stewie does not trade on whims with loosely place rules, stops etc... Position sizing is constant, stops losses are methodical, entries are well thought out, and his support is in real time since he, along with dozens of other seasoned traders, are always available throughout the trading day in chat room, or email if you prefer.
To reinforce the point, I would think of Art of Trading as a MENTORSHIP service, as much as it is a TRADING ALERTS service. And for the price you are paying, you would be foolish not to enlist his services. I am sure that there are more than a handful of subscribers who agree with me that Stewie could be charging literally TEN or more times the subscription fee and it would be worth the serious traders money, but what sets him apart from a simple stock picker is how he goes OUT OF HIS WAY to explain explain and explain again reasoning and disciplines necessary to be a successful trader on your own. After 15 or 16 months I consider Stewie a friend, a mentor, and of course, A DAMN GOOD TRADER!!!
Plus, every once in a while, you will get a kickass recipe for a tasty burger, lamb chops, or whatever Stewie decides to grill up after a soccer game. I can tell from thousands of miles away, that he is a well grounded and well rounded person and encourages his followers to be the same way. A healthy lifestyle will help you to trade un-emotionally.
In summary, if you are looking for killer trades with a SERIOUS no-BS record, mentorship, real time chat with other traders of varying styles and experience...Look no further!

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This is more than just simple trade alerts!


Building confidence in YOUR trading is what ART OF TRADING is all about!!


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