Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Example Of Trades Taken This Week At The ART OF TRADING

Hi guys,

Unlike 'normal' rallies that we have seen in the past, this particular rally has been a little more difficult to play for many traders especially the traditional breakout players. WHY? Because i see many stocks breakout, fail, breakout fail, breakout fail, then once most traders get frustrated and give up, then the real breakout happens and runs without them.

But the way i have opted to adapt my trading to this type of environment is to spot breakout candidates but rather than buy the breakouts: I SIT SIMPLY BUY AHEAD OF BREAKOUTS and SELL INTO STRENGTH and unload shares to the breakout players.

This is what has been working for me lately. I miss the really big moves but i get a nice steady stream of winning trades without all the head games and drama of dealing with potential failed breakouts.

The key is being able to spot which ones are going to breakout ahead of the crowd!

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