Sunday, April 18, 2010

Awesome Review From A NEW Art Of Trading Member!!

This member has been with the ART OF TRADING for ONLY One Month!!!

Here's what she had to say:

Noise Free Zone

This is the perfect time to express my appreciation for The Art of Trading known on twitter as @Traderstewie.

The SEC knocked on the doors of GS Friday. Panic on Wall Street? Not in Stewie's chat room, in fact things were calm, which is the norm. Stewie along with other excellent and experienced traders expressed their opinions on what was happening and what they themselves were doing.

Stewie had already been recommending that we take profits and raise cash for a couple of days now. He didn't like how stocks were acting. For those that didn't heed his advice there were emails and the occasional Cash Is King and Cash is a Position comments.

I didn't think I'd be staying past the 2 week free trial. I'm not a day trader. I don't want to take profits after a small gain since I'd like to make more then just enough to pay for commisions! (yes there are double digit gains too)

I didn't think my style and Stewie's style would be a good fit. I've been with him a month now and so far so good. Stewie selects great stocks that are good enough to run. When Stewie calls out a stock he says long, swing, or day trade. He then emails the stock pick and where to put your stops with updates as needed. He also emails when to sell. If you're in the chat room you will know everything as it is happening. I feel it is my job to decide if I like the trade and if I think I can at the very least swing it.

Our definition of long differs but Stewie and the gang are always willing to help if it is needed. I only have to ask. Stewie is just an email away, and he doesn't just keep market hours. He answers questions, scans for the next good stock, and urges patience when it's called for.

Stewie is a teacher. Which is what I was really interested in. I save everything he's that good. I study the charts he sends. What did he like? Why the buy, sell and stop points? A nice surprise was again the chat room . In the month I've been there I've written down a page of helpful tips freely shared.

Stewie provides a noise free zone with a friendly atmosphere, but this is business since we aren't trading with Monopoly money. I think both Stewie and his chat room strike a perfect balance. It's been a raging bull market since March 2009. What happens when we correct or go sideways? That is when this service will become priceless.


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Shawn said...


Many thanks for your dedicated post about the SSEC! So now I learned another important TA of triangle -- High minus low and add to breakout point, if it comes with volume.

I hope you getting some sleep with the new born.

Best Wishes,

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