Sunday, April 4, 2010

Use The Micro Time Frames To Uncover Hidden Patterns: Gives You An Edge!

Here is the updated 60 minute chart of the SPX and THIS IS THE CHART THAT GOT ME VERY BULLISH a few weeks back and why we started attacking with aggressive long positions these past few weeks. So if you made some money the past few weeks trading along side me; SAY THANKS TO THIS CHART! :-) This is a chart that i posted on this blog and on twitter numerous times. ART OF TRADING subscribers know this chart very well as it was our guide thru out this entire 2 month rally.

When it comes to analyzing the indexes: I ALWAYS use the micro time frames: I always use 15, 30 and 60 minutes to help uncover hidden patterns or support/resistance are not easily visible by the daily or weekly time frames. Add another weapon to your arsenal: Start plotting that micro time frames!

Take a look at the chart: it still looks bullish to me. I think 1200 on the SPX is what is being targeted.

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