Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art Of Trading Member Seeing Better Results!

Kudos to Leonel who went through a tough time (like most traders do at some point in their careers) and fought his way thru it and now had this to say:

"Stewie, since subscribing to your service this past spring I've noticed you have a great ability to determine whether we're in a healthy market or if there's trouble ahead. Do you use market breadth, new highs-lows, advance decline line, or some other indicator to gauge the true state of the market? You always mention under the surface so would like to know what you're looking at. Thanks again.

By the way, I've made some tweaks to my system first from paper trading and now back with real money. I just made my position sizes a little smaller so I could participate in a swing move and at the same time not be shaken out by a little market volatility and am seeing much more consistent and better results. Thanks for all your help.


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