Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Long Setups To Watch

I am bullish into Turkey week. I will buy any dip we may see. I am already long going into monday and i will be looking to add more long exposure. These 5 stocks are some of my favorites going into the new week.

Good luck!


IVG said...

Really great setups, my friend - and I didn't have most of them on my watchlist.
By the way, do you recommend buying intraday on break of resistance line or only if the stock closes the day above resistance?

Great blog!

Stewie said...

Hi Ivan! Thanks for the very nice words. When i gauge an intra day breakout: I look for two things: 1. Volume and 2. market cooperation.

If i see a market that is favorable and moving in the direction of my breakout and volume at breakout points is running very high, indicating high demand for the stock, than i press it hard and go with the breakout and buy it intra day.

Hope this helps!

PokerChamp said...

Thanks again!!! Made $700+ on GGAL yesterday. Fidelity finally settled my last trade just in time. Now this trade won't be settled until the 30th.

Stewie said...

Wow! Awesome gains bro! That's two big trades in a row for you!! Amazing stuff.

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