Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trade Taken Today At The Art Af Trading : SWC

LONG SWC at 20.00 stop at 19.00

I believe the pullback in Silver has ended and should see a bounce from here. Strong stocks in strong uptrends do not pullback much before new buyers step back in.

SELL SWC at 20.55

Feel free to hold it longer guys. The trade looks super! But i will take the 2.5% gain in 30 minutes and move on to next trade. Congrats to all those that took this trade.

Art Of Trading members feedback:

"Yes, took the trade and went in with 1000 shares (used a tighter stop than yours though). Closed it for a $570 profit! Another nice call man!"


Hey stew,
I was able to buy SWC and am still holding. I definitely love this set up. Thanks for the alert!


"+66 cents on SWC. Thanks!"


"Yes in at 20.03 out at 20.69 ;) Thanks buddy"


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