Monday, November 22, 2010

One Of The Best ART OF TRADING Member Success Story!!

This is by far one of the BEST Art Of Trading Success Stories!!! Big time congrats to Andy!!


I was evaluating my trading performance over the past year after I subscribed to your service and I wanted to thank you for teaching me so much about the market, stocks, charts, and patterns. With your help, I've grown more and more comfortable in recognizing chart patterns and when a market uptrend/downtrend is in play, find the stocks/sectors that are gaining momentum, and have been able to identify market leaders that help lead the trends.

I had taken a break from trading during the period of correction a few months ago as I was getting discouraged with my performance so I took the time to read, study and analyze my prior trades to figure out what I was doing wrong. Much credit is given to your service as a lot of the learning came directly from your emails or chat room. Though I have so much more to learn, I can definitely feel myself much improved than when I first started your service.

I started trading again when I felt like the market was beginning an uptrend in Sept and have had a nice +45% trading performance since then. It was only through your teaching that I was able to recognize the downtrend and then the uptrend during that time.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to quickly answer my questions and thanks for the consistent emails everyday that gives me the insight from a trader whose opinion I very much respect.

Andy K.

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