Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emails Sent To ART OF TRADING Members Yesterday

Slim Pickings

"Hi guys,

Been stalking stocks for 2 hours now and in all honesty, i see nothing too exciting. Exact opposite of yesterday! When that happens, I usually like to stay in cash and just watch from the sidelines. Sooner or later something good will pop up on the scans and will jump in but for now, it's best to chill and not force anything and make dumb mistakes. It's been a great start to the week and no need to do something foolish here.

On a side note: Gold and Silver stocks all look a little exhaustive here and could use a few days of resting. So i would NOT chase these names up here. Allow them time to pullback, they always do!"

Boring Day and Choppy

"Be careful out there today guys!

These kinds of choppy waters will eat up commissions and frustrate you. Not much you can do except WAIT. All cash here and waiting for the next set of opportunities to emerge.


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