Monday, November 8, 2010

Trade Taken Today At The Art Of Trading : BORN

This was the actual email alert:

LONG BORN at 15.60 stop at 14.55

BORN creating a HIGHER LOW now and could start heading higher now. Target is 18.00

SELL BORN at 16.45

Taking a 6% win off here. Not bad for a 1 hour trade!!


My code picked it up! Sold at 16.34 (today's R1). Booked about $343 from BORN. Another $90 from the other trade this morning.



BORN was too good to pass up. Got in with you and got out with you! Plus $575 gain. CPE and EZPW worked well too! Keep up the great work man!

Tom S.

Nice winner on the BORN today! You're trades have been on point lately.
I wanted to know if you have any ideas for some longer term positions as well

Josh F.

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