Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Special Shoutout To The Chat Room Veterans!

Hi guys,

I wanted to take a minute and thank the chat room veterans, the guys who are in there religiously DAILY since "day one". These guys are dedicated members who have been there with a helping hand and ready to answer all questions from the lesser experienced traders. Guys, who i have personally seen grow as traders and literally become leaders in their own craft. This is the kind of leadership to which i imagine many other traders who walk thru these doors to become: Strong, confident, independent, self-reliant, passionate, helpful, honest, skillful, and generous. These guys are truly world class people who specialize in their field of expertise and these are people whom i personally admire and consider myself very lucky to be associated with them.

Thank you:

Fuinha, Swooned, NYCtrader, Lasertrader, Yanivicious, Stan.

Keep doing what you do and this list is surely going to grow! I have no doubt in my mind.

Building confidence, one trader at a time at the ART OF TRADING!

God bless.

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