Friday, November 5, 2010

Stewie's Famous Lamb Kebabs!

You will need:

1 lb ground lamb
1 lb ground beef


1 Onion
green onions


A small pinch of each of these spices is all you need.

ground mace
cayenne pepper
white pepper
garlic powder
ground coriander seeds

middle eastern bbq skewers: They look like big swords! flat and long shaped. Perfect for holdings meats on without rotating to ensure stability and even cooking. Look for these at any local middle eastern store. Cheap and awesome!! Those 3 giant skewers set me back $6!!


In a food processor: Take the onions, green onions, garlic and parsley and buzz them up real good! Almost turning them into a thick mixture.

Take the ground lamb and ground beef and put them into a bowl and toss that onion and parsley mixture in with the meat: Now take all the spices and throw that into the meat as well. With your fingers, start mixing this really well till everything is well incorporated.

Make sure the meat is cold and right out of the fridge!

Take the skewers and start forming the meat around each skewer. Form into long "log" like shape onto the skewers like you see in the pictures above. Could take a little practice to get it just right.

Once the skewers are formed and kebabs are shaped nicely and evenly. Set them down and brush with a little olive oil: Sprinkle sea salt and pepper on the kebabs and throw throw them of a hot bbq grill!!

Allow them to cook well on each and seer them well before flipping them around. 4-5 minutes per side should work fine.

The meat will be done once is turns golden brown and crunchy!

Needless to say that the incredible aromas will wake up the whole neighborhood!! Even vegetarians will wanna get some of this!! ;-)

I like to serve this awesome kebab on a pita bread with some middle eastern hot sauce!

Enjoy and share with your friends! A well fed friend is a friend for life!


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